Plastimart was founded in April 2011 as a specialist plastics distributor into the SADC Region.

Our directors bring different astute competencies to the table with over ten years experience in the industry. Our histories in international trade, business development, sales and hedging strategies allow us to bring a competitive advantage of smoother pricing on inputs into manufacturing.

Combined with successful marketing and sales strategies, we are certain that Plastimart will become a significant player in this Industry. Our Commodity based history means that we have a footprint of brokers and agents that span Sub Saharan Africa, with strengths in SADC and West Africa.

We also have a distribution warehouse located in Germiston, Gauteng.

Our main distribution is from Durban, KwaZulu Natal with a specialty supply of local and imported products. We supply recycled raw materials, plastic additives and masterbatches into the Injection Moulding, Film Blown, Extrusion and Woven Tape market.

Our focus is on great quality and service.


We specialize in Polyprop for the injection moulding industry and LDPE & HDPE for the blown film industry and the pipe extrusion industry.

All our recycled raw materials are made up of in-house, first generation waste and are recycled on Arema and Starlinger machines. This system enables us the best possible chance of supplying our customers with a high quality pellet.


We specialize in Black, White and Filler Masterbatches which are compatible with Recycled grades of raw materials. Our percentages range from 25% – 75% Carbon black, TI02 and CAC03.

We can supply coated and uncoated grades of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3).

We are also able to supply a range of Masterbatches which can be suited to our customer’s needs.


Our masterbatches are used in the following applications:

  • Injection Moulding
  • Pipe Extrusion
  • Woven Tape Extrusion
  • PVC Extrusion
  • HDPE&LDPE Film Extrusion


We can supply Coated and Uncoated Grades of Calcium Carbonate ( CACO3 ) Masterbatches

Our filler masterbatches are ideally suited for the following applications:

  • HDPE Carrier bags
  • LDPE&HDPE Mono-layer and Co-Extruded Film
  • Woven Tape Extrusion
  • Injection Moulding


Typical end use applications include Mono-Layer Film, Injection Moulding and Blow Moulding.

Our Desiccant is used in the process of extrusion at very low addition rates to reduce the moisture levels on predominantly recycled raw materials to improve the quality of the end product.


Ross Walters

cell: + 27 83 274 8703

Matt Copeland

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Shelly Ilsley



phone: +27 31 262 1126
fax: +27 31 262 4775

Address: 1 Sydney Drive, Westville North, 3629, KZN, South Africa